AnioftheLight Commissions

Thanks for your interest in commissioning art from me. Please take time to read through my TOS, but feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Commission Links and Contact Info:


My terms are a living document and may be updated at any time.

  • 1. By agreeing to commission me, you agree to my terms. Please do not move forward with the commission and give the impression you want to move forward unless you are ready to pay.

  • 2. PayPal (USD) only is accepted. The full amount must be paid upfront before I begin the commission. Please send payment within 3 days of agreement. If not, I will move on to the next person in the queue. Commissions over a certain price can be paid half upfront/half after.

  • 3. First come, first served. Please note some commissions may take longer depending on complexity.

  • 4. By commissioning me, you understand that I will create your artwork in my style. I will not copy another person's artstyle.

  • 5. Full visual references must be provided. That includes anything from a visual of the character(s), mood boards, anime, games, etc. I will not accept text-only description.

  • 6. I only allow 3 minor revisions through each stage, please make sure you are as descriptive as possible at the beginning of the commission. Any additional revisions after that will be $10 each.

  • 7. I reserve all rights to cancel a commission if I don't believe I have the ability to do it or if we are facing too many disagreements. A commission takes as long as the communication does, so please reply to my messages ASAP. If you are facing personal hardship, we can also discuss canceling the commission.

  • 8. Commissions are for personal use ONLY. You cannot sell, redistribute, modify, trace, or claim ownership of the art. You may repost the commission, but you must include a link to my Commissions Carrd or tag me on social media. Do not claim artwork as your own work. I will also post the commission online and tag you (if applicable), but

  • 9. My art may not be used for AI or NFT purposes. If I suspect that is what you're using it for, I will refuse the commission.

Turnaround Time/WIP:

  • I will reply to your inquiry within 1-2 days, confirm the info, and request payment via invoice. I won't start the commission until full payment is made.

  • Commissions can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the work. Please be sure to reply ASAP and I can move forward on your artwork. Please view my Queue to see what stage commissions are at.

  • I send a WIP during the initial sketch, inks, and color. WIPs are always watermarked. The final image will be sent to you in the format and size that you ordered.

Will Draw/Won't Draw

Will DrawWon't Draw
Humans/humanoidsAnother artist's style
Character sheetsFurry (Ears, Tails, etc ok)
PinupsRealistic humans/pets
ArmorElderly people
WeaponsOffensive material, gore
EcchiIllegal content
Sketch SheetsPorn


  • I reserve the right to give refunds depending on the circumstances.

  • Commissioner does not claim rights to any WIPs if they refund the order.

  • If commissioner files for a chargeback after order is complete, then I reserve the right to ban you from commissioning me again and making a public announcement on multiple social media platforms with the full details of the commission, including our conversations.

Artist Terms

  • Unless it's a private commission, I may post WIPs and your final artwork online to promote myself

  • I may publish your OC artwork online, but won't use it in ads

  • For fanart, I reserve the right to publish the artwork in books, use it in ads, etc

Commission FAQ

  • When are you open for commissions?

  • They are always open! I'll make an announcement if they're closed or pause the form.

  • Do you have a waitlist? If it's long, can I be added? (And is there a fee?)

  • My Queue is available on Trello. I can add you to the Waitlist for free and contact you when it's your turn.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

  • I only accept PayPal. I can send you an invoice or you can purchase it through my Ko-Fi account.

  • Do you accept trades?

  • I may accept a trade of art if you're a fellow artist, but I reserve the right to say no.

  • I'd like a private commission. How much is it?

  • Private commissions are free, just tell me upfront. I will not use them on social media or my website to promote my work.

  • What is a Personal or Commercial commission?

  • Personal use is for you to enjoy online as an avatar, wallpaper, printing at home for your private use, etc, without profit. Commercial commissions are making a profit from my art. I do accept commercial commissions, but please contact me for additional details.

  • Any discounts available?

  • I offer a 10% referral discount for your family and friends or a 10% referral discount for return customers. Please note this isn't stackable, it's a discount based on the full price fee each time you place an order.


Below are my base prices for a commission. Please note that there may be additional fees or pricing depending on the complexity of the commission.

Prices & Examples


  • Avatars (Headshots) - Full Color

  • $20

  • Headshot only

  • Simple or transparent BG

  • 2000 x 2000 px in 300 dpi

  • JPG or PNG file emailed to you

  • Can be resized for the social media site(s) of your choice

Portraits/Bust/Full Body

  • Character images include a simple background. Additional accessories/features are an additional cost.

  • Simple detailed B&W Portrait Sketch $20

  • Simple detailed B&W Portrait Inked $30

  • Simple B&W Sketch Page 8x10 size with 5-8 expressions and 1 full body $45

  • Bust Portrait (Color) $50

  • Half-Body/Torso (Color) $75

  • Full-Body (Color) $100


  • Chibi - Full Color

  • $35

  • Simple shading

  • Full-Body

  • Simple or transparent BG

  • 4000 x 4000 px in 300 dpi

  • JPG or PNG file emailed to you

Extra Fees

  • Rush Fee (ETA with done-by date): $25

  • Extra characters: Please let me know the amount and I will give you an estimate